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When deciding to engage in entrepreneurship, it is essential to be able to adapt and evolve. The market is ever-changing, and new ideas are popping up every day. As we continue to integrate into the modern world, businesses have to keep too to stay profitable. Here are some entrepreneurship and business trends we can expect to see in 2021.

The first one is integrity-fueled leadership. Consumers are no longer interested in giving money to companies who hide behind the corporate veil and participate in nefarious activity. People want to support leaders who are honest and ethical. Next is the rise of the unapologetic entrepreneur. According to an article on Forbes, the pandemic has inspired 25% of corporate women to leave the workforce. Female entrepreneurs are unapologetically taking charge and leading businesses in their own way. We will undoubtedly start to see more and more women saying goodbye to corporate life and starting companies from nothing. 

Additionally, we will start to see customized growth strategies. The pandemic has shown entrepreneurs that there is not one track to success, so they have started to get very creative and strategic about improving and staying relevant in the market. Entrepreneurs have begun to incite professionals’ help to make sure their business has a successful path moving forward and enhance their marketing techniques. According to Forbes, the best business strategy is not a rob-and-duplicate model; but rather a unique and custom approach, prioritizing value, vision, and impact.

The next trend we will see for sure is entrepreneurs embracing best practices over templates. With businesses becoming more homogenized, their social media posts are newsletters are starting to all look very similar. The problem is that automation only saves time; it actually costs businesses in the long run because they are not inspiring consumers to engage. In 2021 we can expect to see more companies attempting to find their unique branding style and stick out in the market. Lastly, relationships and conversations will continue to have the utmost importance. Consumers are no longer accepting sales pitches that are unsolicited and bothersome. Cold calling is on its way out, and consumers want to feel seen and heard. In 2021 we can expect to see businesses molding their practices around their customers’ wants and needs to increase brand loyalty and engagement.